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Literary Gunbarrel #6: Tie-In Episode

If you like your spy adventures with a taste of the sea then "Dr No" is the novel for you! Aside from its Caribbean setting, complete with coastal breeze and moonlight sailing, Fleming's 6th effort deviates from the sublime to the ridiculous with a fauna-heavy plot featuring centipedes, spiders, magnified fish and giant calamari. But wait, there's more! Like a backdrop of colonial politics and agent reconditioning, not to mention a handless master villain looking to upset the mental health of world powers. Grab your paddle and take a trip to Crab Key with the BBN crew as they review one of Bond's most unlikely and trepidatious holidays.

Dr. No (1962)

Apart from early adaptations for broadcast radio and television, 1962 marked the true event horizon for James Bond. It was here, with Dr. No, that 007's genetic code was written. Iconic on screen, iconic in team, the ingredients for franchise success evolved out of a shared ambitious vision and a tight million-dollar budget. So come aboard and keep your eyes peeled for blind mice and dragons as the good ship BBN sails through the curious waters of the first Bond motion picture!

Die Another Day (2002)

Adored by few, reviled by most, "Die Another Day" offered audiences and Bond fans alike a ticket to 007 crazy town. But just how troubled is this reputed stinker? Are there enough "slivers of maybe" to help justify the disbelief that we were forced to suspend with Brosnan's fourth and final outing? Josh and Scott soften the sofas and brandish the inkblots as they "analyse this" 40th anniversary paradox.

Literary Gunbarrel #5: Tie-In Episode

With the exception of the villain's name and the implication of rockets, EON's 1979 production of "Moonraker" shares little in common with its literary antecedent from 1955. Ian Fleming's cold-war novel might not have blasted its characters off into space but it certainly hit the peaks and troughs of spy thriller excitement, further strengthening his (and Bond's) name in the publishing world. Here, your BBN hosts close down a gunbarrel double-bill with a full analysis of this third and very unique 007 novel.

Literary Gunbarrel #4: Tie-In Episode

Encouraged by listener request, this latest tie-in episode changes the literary menu from piecemeal-tapas to full-flavoured stew! Scott & Josh's deep-dive discussion of Fleming's "From Russia With Love" from May 2016 pairs nicely with BBN's recent film review and is presented here in updated full fashion. Пожалуйста! That's right, BBN listeners, "you're welcome!"

Moonraker (1979)

It was only a matter of time before Roger Moore's trend-jumping Bond wound up on a spaceship. Hoping to cash in on the sci-fi craze of the late 1970s, "Moonraker" remains, to many fans, one giant leap too far in narrative and canonical credibility. Still, few can deny the impact of the awe-inspired Ken Adam sets, the ethereal punch of John Barry's score and the location hopping that unlocked the inner-adventurer in us all. With so much crazy packed in to one film, you'd be excused for needing a guided tour! So zip up your spacesuit and hop inside the "good shuttle BBN" - we've got your first-class voyage covered!

Spectre (2015)

When retcon rides sidecar to fan-service along the poached narrative road of a surveillance empire's sinister takeover, you know you're in for a bumpy journey as a Bond fan. Critics called it crap but EON called it Spectre! Daniel Craig's fourth outing is probably his most contentious but how much of the "style over substance" complaint is warranted? Beware the cuckoo and step inside the nest as your BBN hosts untangle the tentacles of this complex canonical cephalopod!

From Russia With Love (1963)

Revered by many fans and critics alike, 1963's From Russia With Love ushered in a retinue of slick canonical tropes and features without compromising its cold-war storytelling. Sean Connery reprises his 007 role as the realities of "franchise" come into focus. Join your BBN hosts as they punch tickets and settle first-class passengers into a thorough and sometimes controversial tour through this impactful sophomore instalment. From SPECTRE island to Gypsy camp, Bucharest to Venice's Grand Canal, your comfort and enjoyment is assured. All aboard!

Literary Gunbarrel #3: Tie-In Episode

In this third companion episode, Scott and Josh share their thoughts on three more Fleming texts. First up, and markedly different from the film, is short story "From A View to a Kill" where Bond reminisces on becoming a man in Paris before lending his expertise in the investigation of a murdered dispatch driver. Discussion on "Thunderball" gets the central billing, highlighted by a female character written with welcome care and complexity. Intrigue and autobiography mix in "Octopussy", the final text covered before your hosts close shop with a reflection of Fleming's final days.

A View to a Kill (1985)

Wise to the last, Roger Moore couldn't leave 007 until his bond baked a quiche, stole a fire truck and hung perilously from a blimp. Enter 1985 and "A View to a Kill", EON's canonical answer to the computer and steroid action of the era. But just how much of Moore's swansong is a burgeoning vessel of hot smelly air? Can it withstand the electromagnetic pulse of the critics? Join Scott, Josh and Jeff as they negotiate the gears of the BBN machine across the terrain of this infamous instalment. From deep-dives on ski warfare and microchip crime to the implausibility of caviar-laden backpacks, your hosts have got you covered. Soft-shell crab, anyone?!

Thunderball (1965)

"...Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink." When Coleridge revised his Ancient Mariner in 1834 he couldn't have known he was forecasting Thunderball's controversial "production-bloat to audience-nourishment" ratio... or could he? Were the Romantic Poets the first Bond critics? Hmm, the suggestion holds more water than you might think because here we are, 185 years later, grappling with the paradox of the Thunderball experience. Is Connery's 4th outing sodden, spectacular or somewhere in between? Whatever your impression, $9 million to spend in 1965 spelled "epic" so find your flippers and sharpen your spears, we're diving in! Bond By Numbers takes on Thunderball!

Octopussy (1983)

The title won't be the only thing about this 007 adventure that jumps out to grab you. Running against Sean Connery's controversial remake of Thunderball, "Octopussy" offered audiences a lot of outrageous spectacle for their money. Ever want to see Q fly a hot-air balloon festooned with liquid crystal closed circuit cameras? How about a crocodile submarine infiltrate a girl-powered island of octopus cult devotees? Or maybe flicking antennas at man-crushable henchmen while straddling Beech Model-18s in mid-flight is more your thing? Whatever your fancy, chances are that EON's 13th official James Bond instalment will serve you up something palatable. So, come along! Hop in the Tuk Tuk with your hosts as they negotiate the ins and outs of Roger Moore's penultimate performance!

Literary Gunbarrel #2: Tie-In Episode

In this bonus ep, the second of five trips through the pages of Ian Fleming's 007, Bowman and the BFG share further selections from their review series of 2017. With little Fleming source material on show for Skyfall, The World is Not Enough or Tomorrow Never Dies, your hosts instead introduce and present healthy chunks of their literary adventures with For Your Eyes Only and The Man With the Golden Gun. So grab a cuppa and join in as they offer insight and context into the stories that made the movies.

The World is Not Enough (1999)

Patricide, boat chasing, parahawks, caviar farming, oil pipelines, buzz-sawed BMWs, revenge-napping and a nuclear sub out to destroy Istanbul: is that your idea of explosive fun or a 00-plot headache? Some say the Bond producers didn't know when to stop in party-planning for Y2K with this film, Brosnan's penultimate, while others guffaw at the very notion of a bond film without excess baggage. Wherever you sit on the fence, one thing is certain: The World is Not Enough offers the BBN panel a "crude" and spectacular volume to refine! Join Scott, Josh and Jeff as they get down to business on the context, content and controversy of EON's final Bond adventure of the millennium.

For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Don your snowsuits and wax your skis, Bond fans, it's time to cut edges around the slopes of "For Your Eyes Only"! A new decade brings in a new director as veteran Bond craftsman John Glen is handed control and helms his inaugural adventure. In a conscious effort to return sobriety to the series after visiting outer space in "Moonraker", Glen & Co. gravitate towards some key Flemingian sources for their script. But FYEO also famously introduces us to Bibi Doll, a plot-motivating parrot and a jarring lampoon of PM Margaret Thatcher... so how successful was it really? Join the BNB panel as they crunch pistachios and brave dizzy heights to bring you the answer!

The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Iron out your safari suits and affix those superfluous papilla, it's time to take on "The Man With the Golden Gun"! This is the first Roger Moore film selected by the BNB roulette and your hosts leave no stone unturned in showcasing their mammoth dive into one of 007's most publicly polarizing adventures. Weighing in at nearly 4 hours, Episode 12 offers plenty of features to dine comfortably on - best served with a bottle of Phuyuk '74, of course!

Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

What do you get when you combine a stealth ship, the world's fastest no-look typing megalomaniac, shameless product placement, endless rounds of ammo and more techno-buzz than even Q can handle in his rent-a-Hertz crimson coat? It's Tomorrow Never Dies, of course, the 18th entry in the official James Bond series! In spite of some shortcomings and egregious call-backs, this film is full of surprises and freaky connections to real-world culture and curios. Join your hosts as they deconstruct the beats, the feats and the fake news (!) of Pierce Brosnan's unabashed second outing as 007.

Skyfall (2012)

For Bond's 50th Anniversary in 2012, Sam Mendes was brought on board to help Craig & Co. deep dive into the complex relations of MI6 and the vengeful nerds it leaves behind. Join your hosts as they explore the finer points of surrogate maternal love and the many other features that help to make Skyfall a fan favourite. Don't forget your hairpiece and Heineken!

Literary Gunbarrel #1: Tie-In Episode

Sifting through the archives of our Ian Fleming series from 2016-17, we have pieced together a sample of our conversations based on the literary source material for the movies being discussed throughout BNB. Appearing every 6 episodes or so, these bonus shows throw chronology to the wind and are cut to follow the order of our BNB roulette, inviting you to learn a bit more about the stories behind the films. For this first bonus ep, we dive deep into the source material for The Living Daylights, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Goldfinger, Quantum of Solace, Diamonds are Forever and Casino Royale.

Casino Royale (2006)

Now heralded as one of the best 007 actors, Daniel Craig was much maligned by the public and press when news of his replacing Pierce Brosnan was announced in 2005. "Casino Royale" ushered in a newly dark and gritty era for James Bond and solidified the "contemporary edge" that Barbara Broccoli was hoping for in steering the franchise forward. Join your hosts as they knead the dough on this quick-rising character reboot inspired by Ian Fleming's first novel. From pretentious first impressions to surprising grandmother interviews, Episode 8 has Craig's first appearance covered!

Diamonds are Forever (1971)

With 1971's "Diamonds are Forever", Bond producers encouraged moviegoers to forget the recent past of OHMSS's character arc and tragic love by resurrecting earlier moves and establishing a zanier tone. And how better to erase awkward feels than to bring Sean Connery back for the greasy and bling-studded stateside adventure? Not without its charms, DAF remains one of the series' more distracting entries that never fails to generate opinion. Join your hosts in rolling the dice around this complex conversation piece!

Quantum of Solace (2008)

Daniel Craig's second outing as 007 is our first of his films to be explored (...yeah, we get that it's a sequel but the roulette wheel doesn't care). So grab your Tosca tickets and ear-pieces - it's time to unpack the convolutions of this controversial entry.

Goldfinger (1964)

The fickle BBN roulette leads the team towards another canonical gem. Held by many as the gold standard of Ian Fleming's character on-screen, 1964's Goldfinger presented Sean Connery at his most confident as the franchise poised for irreversible worldwide success.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

The BBN roulette spins the crew into 1969 and OHMSS where 007 pits wits against an earlobe-less villain who stands in the way of his happiness. Just in time for the holidays, Scott, Josh and Jeff ponder the mysteries of Christmas trees, Swiss locales and, of course, George Lazenby's controversial outing as they cut shapes around the powdered slopes of Peter Hunt's neatly structured cult classic.

The Living Daylights (1987)

Josh and Scott welcome back Jeff the Roommate and scare the living daylights out of each other in a discussion that tips its hat to one of Ian Fleming's best (short stories) and Felix Leiter's worst (... sorry, John Terry!). The short tenure of Timothy Dalton began here and brought to the franchise the iciest 007 to date. Bungee-cables are traded in for cello-sleds as the team explores a conversation full of "what ifs?" and "how comes?" concerning John Glen's penultimate directorial bid.

Goldeneye (1995)

BBN's in-house roulette table has delivered us unto Pierce Brosnan and 1995's "Goldeneye" for our inaugural episode!

Welcome to BBN: Introduction & Parameters

Having previously explored the literary and musical landscapes of the 007 world, Bowman & the BFG here lay out plans for their mightiest (if inevitable) James Bond adventure yet - the films themselves!